Why do we have to
choose the services
of accounting firm?

It is at least 1.5 times more expensive to work with a local accountant!

In general, accounting companies are an outsourced accounting department that serves external customers. Depending on the size of the client company, one accountant can take care of one to ten client companies. The standard structure includes a team of accountants and a chief accountant who in most cases is the manager of the company. Accounting companies represent their clients before various institutions and aim to make a personal package of service for each client. These activities ensure clients peace of mind, opportunity to resign from side activities and focus on business priorities. This is one of the main reasons why you should choose to work with an accounting company. Other advantages of the accounting company are:

  • Do not invest in equipment
  • Do not invest in accounting software
  • Do not invest in legislation databases and methodological issues
  • Do not invest in training
  • Do not invest in participations in seminars
  • You have on your disposal qualified and experienced staff (accountants with higher education, lawyers)
  • You work with a partner who assumes full responsibility for the commitments

Having in mind the difficult situation on the market, almost no company can afford a team who works according to the rule "Learning by doing". Accounting is a dynamic field of activity with constant changes and updates. It is a vast area and it is almost impossible for one accountant to have all the necessary knowledge and experience. Sometimes single accountants experience difficulties in solving complex and unusual cases. Very often client's questions are based on matters different than pure accounting: labor code, social security, payroll, etc. Being up to date and well prepared for these questions is the major goal of an accounting company.

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