Why do we have to
choose the services
of accounting firm?

About us

Accounting company Domiconsult has been providing its services to clients for more than five years. We offer services or a packet service in accounting, finance and management. Our extensive experience makes us feel confident in the quality of our services. The positive feedback and references are among the facts that allow us to continue expanding out network of international clients and partners. We are a trusted partner to companies not only from Bulgaria, but also Russia, Romania and Belgium.


Our company policy is to provide high quality of service at affordable prices. Our focus is on providing a full range of supporting activities in order to let our clients concentrate solely and completely on their business.


Why have the potential to succeed?
Because we offer:

  • Rapid and appropriate response;
  • Lower price of the package of services;
  • Quality and responsible work;
  • Professional client protection in front of the relevant authorities;
  • Keeping trade secrets;
  • Professionalism and responsibility;
  • Complete confidentiality;
  • We defend the interests of our customers at any price.

The current dynamic market environment requires managers, regardless the sector they work in, to focus their full attention and effort on the core business of the company in order to be successful. Domiconsult is the right partner in that situation. Thanks to the consortium of trusted partners that we have established, we are able to confidently assume all maintenance activities supporting the company’s daily operations.


We strive to keep regular communication with all our clients. The symbiotic relationship that we have built, keeps us up to date with all current changes and challenges – this is how we manage to respond quickly and appropriately in any situation.
What satisfies us most is that more and more clients and partners choose to walk together with us the way to success.

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