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Accounting Services

Financial & HR Services

Accounting Services

Company Registration 

Full Accounting services 

  • Operational book-keeping and company activities accounting conclusion
  • Accounting of primary company documents and drawing up secondary company documents
  • Preparing and submitting to the Office of Tax returns VAT declaration on magnetic media
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for payment settlements with the budget
  • Preparation of amortization schedule for fixed assets
  • Data processing by accounting product, with the possibility of exchanging information electronically

Payroll and personnel 

  • Preparation and registering at the NRA of the contracts, agreements and contract termination
  • Preparation of civil contracts, certificates, bills for paid rewards
  • Preparation of payrolls, service notes, calculation of sick leave, annual and other leaves
  • Preparation of payment documents for payments to the budget
  • Reporting on insured persons in the personal record of NII
  • Completion of employment and insurance licenses

Annual financial audit 

  • Preparation and submission of annual financial statements
  • Preparation and presentation of consolidated annual financial statements
  • Preparation of annual tax returns on income of individuals and CITA
  • Preparation and submission of annual statistical forms for the National Statistical Institute


  • Initial registration of companies in the Registry Agency
  • VAT registration
  • Labor Inspectorate
  • Financial Intelligence Agency
  • Commission for Data Protection
  • National Insurance Institute
  • Tax Address
  • Others

Accounting and financial advices 

  • Tax planning activities consultation
  • Consultation and clarification of contract terms
  • Legal tax optimization consulting
  • Advice on agreements to avoid double taxation
  • Advice on employment law and insurance issues
  • Advice on currency legislation
  • Консултации по изисквания на ХЕИ и ДВСК
  • Consulting and assistance in registering a company
  • Consultation on the form of recruitment
  • Consultation on amendments to laws and regulations

Preparation of documents for bank credit 

  • Preparation of all accounting records required by the banking institution
  • Prepare forecasts of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flows in accordance with the company's business plan

Administrative services 

  • Collection of documents from the customer's office
  • On-line Banking
  • Submission of document to various institutions
  • Issuance of statements for current condition of the company
  • Issuance of documents for the presence or absence of tax liabilities
  • Деклариране на получени заеми пред БНБ
  • Translations, registrations and re-registrations and other
  • Preparation of reports and statements of the company on customer request
  • Preparation of contracts and other documentation

Declarations (Intrastat, VAT, individuals) 

Financial & HR Services

Selection and management of staff 

Choosing the wrong employee might be costly to your company financially and also ight harm your good name. No matter is you are just starting your business or you have already developed it, it is important to hire suitable staff. The team of "Domiconsult" has more than two years of experience in recruiting and managing staff.

Financial Services 

Legal services 

Translation and legalization 

Credit counseling / assistance in applying for a loan 

EU projects 

European development programs can save you and your company significant resources. Customers and partners of “Domikonsult” will have the opportunity to benefit from preferential treatment when applying for European projects. Let our consultants identify your needs and together we will find the optimal decision for development and modernization of your business.

Create a Website 

Customers and partners of "Domiconsult" will be able to benefit from preferential conditions for the development of a website.

Providing customs brokerage for import and export and in and outside the European Union. 

Thanks to our long experience in the market we are able to offer our clients and partners assistance in import and export within and outside Bulgaria and EU

Implementation of ERP systems 

Refilling of toner cartridges and delivery of office supplies 

All clients and partners of "Domiconsult" have profile in our web site system. Thanks to it they get a new toner and office supplies within 24 hours after the signal delivered to their office. (Currently the service is valid only for the city of Varna)

Promotional material 

Customers and partners of “Domiconsult will have the opportunity to benefit from preferential conditions for consultation and preparation of promotional materials.


If you are our customer or partner you will have the opportunity even to "Copy phone. Just with one call your documents, drawings and other are copied and delivered to your office without waiting in queues and wasting time for traveling.


Customers and partners of “Domiconsult will be able to benefit from preferential conditions for consultation and development of insurance (property (for your office or home), liability Autocasco (for your business or personal car)).

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